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Nose Job Turkey

Nose job Turkey is a surgical procedure that fixes the functional and aesthetic problems of the nose. If you have a nasal hump, droopy nose, bulbous nasal tip, deviated septum, polyp, etc., you are a good candidate for nose job Turkey.

The method of the surgery, the surgeon’s experience, and how to prepare for nose job Turkey greatly impact the final results. This article provides a complete guideline on rhinoplasty.


What Changes Can Nose Job Turkey Make?

By reshaping the nasal structures, including bone and cartilages, a plastic surgeon can help achieve one or more of the following:

  • Reduce the size of a too large nose
  • Remove hump/humps on the nasal bridge
  • Straighten a crooked nose
  • Narrow a wide nose
  • Reduce the length of an over-protruding nose tip
  • Refine the size of a bulbous nose
  • Restore symmetry to the nose after injury
  • Fix breathing problems and functional defects.


Who Is a Good Candidate for Nose Job Turkey?

Men and women of all ages benefit from nose job Turkey. Nose job is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures for teenagers too, although plastic surgeons take special care when evaluating whether or not a younger patient is ready for this surgery. These patients need to demonstrate emotional maturity and understanding about the cosmetic surgery process. Also, the nose must be fully developed physically (by around age 16 for girls and 18 for boys).

Candidates for nose job Turkey must have realistic expectations. Nose surgery can help patients improve upon their existing nose, but it cannot deliver “perfection” nor can it give them the nose of someone else. A qualified rhinoplasty surgeon will explain to you what is possible and help you achieve a nose that is in proportion to your unique features.

What to Look for in Nose Job Turkey Surgeon

  • Valid Medical License: In order to legally perform nose job, a valid medical license is required.
  • Board Certification: A board-certified doctor or surgeon is one who has finished essential trainings and passed the relevant exams successfully to receive a certificate in their respective specialty. Nose surgeons are either board-certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery or ENT specialty.
  • Experience and Expertise: The experience and expertise of a nose surgeon is an important factor in making them a good choice for your nose job. When consulting with potential surgeons, ask how many nose job procedures he/she has performed, and be sure to look at before and after photos of prior patients. The before and after photos are in fact a portfolio of their work and a great way to assess the skills of a nose surgeon.


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Nose Job Turkey Consultation; What to Ask?

The initial consultation before nose job Turkey is very important. It is a time for the patient to talk to the potential surgeon about their desires and expectations and ask all their questions about the procedure.

A good nose specialist is one who patiently listens to patients during the consultation and devotes a lot of time to make everything clear for them including the procedure, the recovery period, medications a patient has to take before and after the surgery, possible risks and complications, etc.

If you do not know what you should ask from the potential surgeon, here are some examples:

  • Is my nose fleshy or bony?
  • Does the type of my nasal skin affect the result of the nose job?
  • What nose shape best suits me?
  • Can I see some before and after photos of your prior patients?
  • What type of rhinoplasty method is appropriate for me, open or closed?
  • How long will recovery take?
  • After how long can I see the final result of the nose job Turkey?
  • Do you perform revision nose surgery as well?
  • Do you perform nose job Turkey in a hospital or clinic?

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Types of Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Each rhinoplasty in Turkey is unique because every patient seeking a nose job comes in with different expectations and needs. While the surgeon will follow the same basic steps, he/she has to plan each procedure specifically for the patient in question. In this way, rhinoplasty surgeons are able to provide the best possible care on an individual basis.

Depending on your specific needs and expectations, there are four main types of rhinoplasty in Turkey that your surgeon may suggest.



  1. Closed Rhinoplasty in Turkey

In this type of nose surgery all incisions are hidden inside the nose with no external scars.


  • No external visible scarring.
  • A decreased likelihood of post-op edema or swelling.
  • Less operation time
  • Faster post-operative recovery


  • Useful only for patients who require minor dorsal corrections.
  • Massive structural changes in the tip of the nose and the septal cartilage can’t be done.


  1. Open Rhinoplasty in Turkey

In order to perform this type of nose surgery, a small external incision is made at skin between nostrils and underneath the nose called as columella. The incision is extended inside nostrils on each side.

The skin is lifted up and the surgeon can reshape the structural parts of the nose, including bone and cartilages under direct vision.

  • It is useful method for rhinoplasty in cases where extensive work is to be done to modify nasal framework.
  • It is preferred one for major and precise nose reshaping.
  • Open rhinoplasty in Turkey allows the surgeon to perform many useful techniques with more accuracy, such as nasal tip modifications, harvesting of septal cartilage, extensive grafting, spreader flap technique, etc.
  1. Secondary or Revision Rhinoplasty in Turkey

This kind of rhinoplasty in Turkey is done after a primary one.

  • If patients are not happy with the final results of the previous nose job, they opt for a revision rhinoplasty.
  • Patients may also choose to have a revision rhinoplasty in Turkey if they are happy with the results but seek further changes not originally desired.
  • Sometimes some patients desire a “touch up” for minor issues.
  • Breathing difficulties after having a nose job is another common reason for a revision.


  1. Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty in Turkey

It is a non-surgical method done by a nose surgeon or a dermatologist for people who want to correct a minor imperfection in their nose.

  • No incision is made and a Hyaluronic Acid filler injection, such as Juvederm (the most common type of filler) is used.
  • The drawback of choosing non-surgical rhinoplasty is that the results are not permanent. That is, the fillers eventually absorb reversing the changes and an additional procedure may be required.


How Is Rhinoplasty in Turkey Different from Septoplasty?

Rhinoplasty in Turkey is a plastic surgery procedure to alter the shape of the nose. As both breathing and the nose’s shape are interrelated, a rhinoplasty may sometimes be performed not only to change the nose appearance but also to improve breathing through the nose.

Septoplasty in Turkey is a surgical procedure to improve breathing by straightening the nasal septum (the wall inside the nose that divides the nasal passages into a right and a left side). When the septum is deviated, it can result in breathing problems. A septoplasty is often combined with a rhinoplasty in Turkey.


Tips for Preparing Before Nose Job Turkey:

A quick and convenient recovery after nose job Turkey depends on how you prepare your body and mind for the operation. So, it’s necessary to consider the following tips before undergoing a nose job Turkey:

  • Ask a friend or relative to be your caregiver in the hospital/clinic.
  • Inform your surgeon and nurses before surgery if you take certain medications or have a drug allergy.
  • Purchase ice packs, comfortable pillows, cotton applicators, and painkillers before the surgery.
  • Take the medications prescribed by your physician at the recommended time.
  • Practice sleeping on your back because you cannot sleep on your sides for at least 2 weeks after the nose job.


Recovery Period After Nose Job Turkey

Plan to take at least one week off from work, school or other obligations. You will feel better progressively each day during the first week after surgery. People usually feel like they are themselves again after about a week.

There will be some bruising and swelling. The bruising may disappear after 10 to 14 days. However, the swelling can take many months to resolve. People can usually return to performing most daily activities after a week and resuming all activities after two to four weeks.


Some tips related to the nose job Turkey recovery period

  • Do not wash your face for a couple of days after the nose job Turkey (only use a wet wipe to clean your face).
  • Avoid talking and laughing a lot for the first few weeks.
  • Keep your mouth open when you want to sneeze.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Rinse your nose with saline serum and nasal spray.
  • Adopt a diet rich in fiber and vitamins.
  • Avoid sun exposure.
  • Avoid doing heavy activities such like heavy objects for at least 8 weeks.
  • If you have to wear prescription glasses, stick it to your forehead to not touch your nose for the first month or two.


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